Sports Managment in Football

Sports Managment in football

New Sports Generation is a specialised agency for sport management. It is formed by a team of experts and top consultants who are prepared for requests of modern professional soccer.

Our business structure is established on strong foundations such as professionalism, honesty, trust and reliability.

New Sports Generation provides knowledge in all aspects (consulting, representing, legal issues, negotiating with clubs, public relations) in order to guide athletes throughout their careers and help them on the way to success. Our contacts abroad will help us provide services of all our clients’ needs during their careers and later on.

Basic services of the agency are:

  • Professional guidance
  • Representation
  • Connecting with clubs and mediating transfers of players from one sports club to another sports club.
  • Legal consulting
  • Signing and legal help with signing contracts (contracts about amateur and professional play, sponsorship agreements.)
  • Financial services
  • Public relations

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